Electronic Assembly, Serial Graphic Displays

Graphic display, TFT, touchpanel. Electronic Assembly, manufacturer of modern graphic displays. This is how graphics programming will look in the future: no more "pixel programming" but, instead, efficient operation with extensive drawing functions and fonts. The advantages are obvious: no time-consuming graphics programming, drastically reduced time-to-market, tested functions validated hundreds of times, unparalleled flexibility thanks to powerful commands and a variety of interfaces (RS-232, I²C, SPI), extremely compact construction, and not the least important benefit: a clear price advantage compared to individualized solutions. In addition, ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY is with its brand DISPLAY VISIONS market leader in many areas of LCD technology across Europe.
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Graphic display, TFT, touchpanel. High Tech and modern Serial Graphic Displays with built-in Intelligence , TFT Display Touchpanel Dotmatrix, Graphic Module and much more, you find at our Sites, best and High Qualitiy
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